MSU vs psu
Saturday 2:00 PM
November 8, 2014

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Game Schedule

Black Hills State

Central Arkansas

Eastern Washington

North Dakota

Weber State

Portland State

Idaho State


Please come back between Mon November 3, 12:00 pm and Fri November 7, 12:00 pm to secure your ticket. If you come back after that time frame, you will need to show up on game day with your Cat Card and hope that the game has not been sold out.

For more information, see the "Admittance Options" section below.

Standard Ticketing Period

Students have from noon, Monday the week of the game until noon, Friday, or while supplies last, to upload their student ticket onto their Cat Card.

Admittance Options

Get Tickets Early

Receiving your ticket in advance is easy. During the week of a game, click here or the "GET TICKETS" button above. Log-in to TicketsWest using your student ID number, and pre-load your ticket to your CatCard. If you forget your student ID number it is on the front of your Cat Card. (If you are having problems logging-in to TicketsWest, see below)

If you successfully uploaded your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation. The email will be sent to the email registered on

You will receive an email confirmation if you have successfully purchased your buddy pass. Your buddy pass will be emailed to you or sent to your smartphone, depending on which option you chose. If you do not receive an email confirmation, you do not have a ticket.

Simply Show Up

Don't want to go through the web portal to pre-load your ticket? Just show up at Gate 8 when gates open with your Cat Card. If tickets remain, your card will be swiped and eligible students will be hand stamped and free to enter the stadium.

If student tickets are sold out, and you have not preloaded your Cat Card, you will not be allowed into the stadium.

Gameday Information

  1. PROHIBITED ITEMS: Air Horns, Alcoholic Beverages, Balls, Bikes, Skateboards, & Scooters, Coolers, Firearms, Glass Bottles, Illegal Knives (4" blade or Longer), Lawn Chairs, Outside Food & Beverages, Pets, Umbrellas, & Signs on Sticks

  2. Hand stamp is required for Re-Entry

  3. For more information about the Bobcat Code of a Champion Program, CLICK HERE

  4. For game day assistance: text CHAMP and your location to 69050

Eligible Students

To be eligible to receive a student ticket, a student must:

  • Be registered for 7 or more credits
  • Paid required registration fees (Check with MyInfo or Montana Hall)
  • Confirmed attendance with Registrar (Check with MyInfo or Montana Hall)
  • Have a valid Cat Card (Check with CatCard)
  • Have no outstanding fees or tickets (parking, library fines, etc)

Problems Logging-in?

  1. Tickets will be available beginning noon, Monday, the week of the game.
  2. Log in with your student ID number which can also be found on the front of your Cat Card. If that does not work, try logging-in with the email address listed as your preferred email in My Info. If you make changes to your preferred email, it will take until the following business day to allow you to upload your student ticket.
  3. Register with an email address that is real and you can access. If it’s not real or you can’t access it you can’t get a confirmation or your Buddy Pass.
  4. Students should be logging in with their 8 digit student id number WITHOUT the dash. (For example: 01239876)
  5. If you are having problems with your password, please hit "Forgot my password," in order to retrieve your password. It will be sent to the email registered on
  6. Have you purchased tickets with TicketsWest before, therefore already registering your email with TicketsWest? A pre-registered email will not allow a "MSU-student ticket", since it was previously attributed to a general public account and not your student account. Please register a different MSU preferred email address in My Info. If you do not have one, either use your MSU student email address or set-up another email account. Once you’ve made these changes in My Info, it will take until the following business day to allow you to upload your student ticket.
  7. Always access the site through If you are appearing on, go to the upper right corner of the screen, Hit LOGOUT, and then re-enter Sign-in again.
  8. If you've paid fees, confirmed attendance or made any changes to your student account, it will take until the following business day to allow you to upload your student ticket.

Buddy Passes

Beginning this year, you will be able to choose mobile delivery for your buddy passes! Your mobile ticket will be scanned on your smartphone at the stadium entrance, just like your print at home or regular ticket.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Have your smartphone screen at full brightness.
  2. Have your ticket open and be prepared to scroll if necessary.
  3. Hold your smartphone so the ticket can easily be scanned by the ticket taker.
Mobile Passbook Tickets Mobile PDF Tickets

Q. I previously uploaded my student ticket, and now I’ve returned to purchase a buddy pass online and it won’t work. What do I do?
A. You must purchase your buddy pass simultaneously when you upload your student ticket. If you do not, you must stop by the Bobcat Ticket Office to purchase your Buddy Pass by Friday at Noon, based on availability.

Q. I don’t want to pay the $2.50 convenience fee for ordering my Buddy Pass online. How can I avoid this?
A. Please come visit us at the Bobcat Ticket Office. Please bring your Student ID, and we can sell you a buddy pass without the convenience fees. Buddy passes are available while supplies last or until Friday at noon. But you must upload your student ticket online prior to purchasing a buddy pass.

Q. Who can use my Buddy Pass?
A. Anyone can use a buddy pass: a friend, parent, relative, etc. There is only one buddy pass allowed per student per game.

Q. Do Buddy Passes sell out?
A. YES! There is a very limited number of passes available per game. Get your buddy passes early.

Q. My credit card is coming up declined, and I have money in my account. What’s wrong?
A. Make sure your student account address is the same as your billing address on your credit card.

Q. How do I obtain my Buddy Pass once I purchase it online?
A. Depending on the option you chose, your buddy pass will either be sent directly to your email account registered at or sent directly to your smartphone. If you had the ticket emailed to you, please be sure to open the attachment on the email, and print off the ticket that contains the barcode and bring it with you to the football game.

Q. How can I confirm I purchased a Buddy Pass online?
A. You should receive a confirmation email sent to the address registered at Or you can call the Bobcat Ticket Office and they can check your account.